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June 13, 2017

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Shakespeare and Wine

June 28, 2017

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Shakespeare and Wine


I’ve traveled my entire life, the benefit of being a military brat, working in entertainment, and travel and tourism. My globetrotting ventures have taken me from Spain to Fiji. The unique cultural experiences of each destination fueling my desire for more. For those who know me, my passion to see the world is legendary. The night before my scheduled departure, I typically never sleep, my heart races bordering on hypertension, my palms become unbelievably sweaty---it's a bundle of nervous energy that six miles of jogging and weight training does little to abate. 


I've become so focused on international travel, a chance trip, as a result of my serving on the board of Travel Professionals of Color, opened my eyes to one of America's best kept secrets---a secret I sincerely hope, as a result of this post loses its veil of anonymity.


The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is easily one of America’s hidden gems. Located just minutes from the California state line, few places compare to the natural beauty of the Rogue Valley. The community is built around great theatrical performances and some of America's best wines. But don’t assume every play is about the bard, I guarantee you, there is something for every taste.


The 2017 season features such wonderful plays as, UniSon, a high-energy, multimedia, music-filled theatrical experience that explores the poetry of master playwright August Wilson in a one-of-a-kind production by UNIVERSES, one of the nation’s leading ensembles.


The Odyssey---The Trojan War is over, but Odysseus has not returned. Back home, his wife Penelope, plagued by suitors, promises to remarry as soon as she has finished her husband’s shroud—which she unravels every night. Meanwhile, Odysseus is stranded on islands, caught in storms, trapped by a Cyclops and a sorceress, and impeded by other monsters and gods.


These are just two of twelve plays performed throughout the season, which runs from late February through late October. Many of the performers and behind-the-scenes players go on to have stellar careers on Broadway, or in Hollywood. To learn more about the festival go to osfashland.org


Ashland is more than Shakespeare. Forty-seven vineyards are within a one-hour drive featuring some of the world’s best wines. Bravo Valley Tours took our members on a journey through wine country. If you love powerful performances, wine, quaint villages, and the great outdoors Ashland is the place. And for those of you who wouldn’t consider such a trip, take a chance, you’ll thank me later.


The Travel Professionals of Color have organized a trip to Ashland in September CLICK HERE to download a flyer with more specifics about the trip. 


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